BK Minerals & Petroleum SA (Pty) Ltd is Developing Africa by exposing it to innovative, life changing and environmentally friendly products whilst simultaneously supplying the world with African minerals, commodities and other local products.

BK Minerals & Petroleum SA (Pty) Ltd, with offices in Gauteng, London and Seychelles, is a fully BEE compliant company, servicing specific sectors of the economy within the Sub Saharan African Region and abroad for a number of years.

Our strategy and expertise have seen major development in our working relationships with local and international partners as well as with governments in South Africa and other African countries. ( Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Ghana, Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia,  Malawi & Kenya)

Our Executive team comprises of professionals in South Africa and around the world specializing in the following:

  1. Purification Systems for Municipalities, Mining & Industrial use.
  2. Water Purification Systems Domestic settlements & Rural areas.
  3. Sewer Systems Permanent and Portable for Municipalities, Industrial and Housing Developments.
  4. Inflatables:- Mining & Industrial.
  5. Bulk Fuel Suppliers.
  6. Commodity trades.
  7. Bulk Food commodities.
  8. Bulk Organic Fertilizer.

A great working relationship between BKMP and its alliance partners, investors, prospecting right holders, mines, commodity traders, governments and the private sectors has allowed us to secure exclusive distribution rights with local and international companies in various industries.

A sound business built on good governance, delivery and trust has put BK Minerals & Petroleum on the short list of many local and international companies as a preferred services provider.

Social Responsibility Program

B K Minerals & Petroleum’s social responsibility and empowerment strategy is clearly defined and specifically geared to reintroduce the dignity lost by many disabled and previously disadvantaged individuals / communities all over South Africa & Africa.

Skills transfer and job creation is a strategic objective and although youth development is a national priority, any person, irrespective of age or gender can be trained to become a certified maintenance technician through a working relationship with SITA’s. B K Minerals & Petroleum’s Social Development Program geared for skills development and job creation.


LeeBamXiamen LEEBAM Membrane Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Visbe Environment Group, is a high-tech industrial enterprise, responsible for research & development of membrane materials and membrane processes, production of membrane modules, and membrane equipment. LEEBAM has been committed to the research of high volume, high pollution removal, low-power, high-performance separation membrane modules.

VisbeVISBE Environment Group Co., Ltd. is a high-tech professional enterprise focusing on membrane separation technologies and committed to comprehensive environmental services. The Group has three high-tech enterprises, VISBE Membrane Science and Technology Company, LEEBAM Membrane Technology Company and VISBE Environmental New Material Company.  Decades of research and development, and innovative ideas and technologies have made them one of the most renowned high-tech membrane enterprises in China. Currently, they are a technology leader in water purification systems, sewage systems, resource fields and can provide membrane technologies services for wastewater re-sourcing, material concentration, safe drinking water solutions, UF membrane production, and environmental friendly technology consulting.